Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

Yes, basic return and complicated return like submission of logbook and commission earners.

Yes, we help you draft up your will and we do estate planning and we can be the executor of your estate.

Yes, we have clients all over the country.

We can assist in the registration of compensation fund and help submit the (ROE) return of earnings once a year.

Yes, we can assist you in registering for Personal Income Tax, company income tax and income tax for trust.

We can help you with CIPC company registrations and all certificates included.

Yes, we do Vat registrations and make the appointment with SARS on your behalf for completing the registration.

Yes, we do monthly payroll and PAYE, Unemployment insurance fund registrations.

No, my firm cannot do audits, but we have a close relationship with an audit firm that does all my audits.

Yes, we do trust deeds and all registrations needed for a trust.